Dating Tips and tricks men should practice

dating through changing times

It’s funny how is universally believed that men automatically know how to speak to women, approach them, ask one out for a date or straight up just get one into bed. The fact is, most men are extremely shy and awkward around woman. About 80% of the time, it is pure bravado on their part and very little actual skill or knowledge.

That being said, it’s no real surprise that men are looking online for tips and tricks or advice on how to approach, speak to and eventually date or sleep with a woman. Unfortunately, most men inadvertently lined up on websites that either give false information or just downright distasteful.

If you’ve been down that road, and still haven’t found anything worthwhile or useful, there is time you try something that actually does work. The Tao of Badass review is a great place to get solid advice and information on women, dating and just basic interaction with females. Continue reading

How not to screw up the art of seduction

magnetic messaging text seductionWhen it comes to seduction, there are three kinds of men. The first kind is men who THINK they know how to seduce a woman. The second type actually KNOWS how to seduce a woman. And the third type is the kind of man who has absolutely no idea how to seduce a woman, and therefore he will never attempt to. Like everything else in the world, men have to constantly keep up with the times, and that includes how he goes about communicating with women and how it goes about seducing them. In our technologically advanced age, all types of men, with the exception of the third type, is using the art of text seduction as a pretty effective method of seduction. (visit Magnetic Messaging)

In this article, hopefully type number three will finally be able to not only learn how to talk to and get to know a woman, but also learn how to use texting as a form of communication and the art of seduction. In the case of the delusional type number two, hopefully this will help clarify a few things. Continue reading

How fasting benefits you

the eat stop eat wayEat stop eat is a weight loss system that is based on intermittent fasting or not eating, literally. For those who are novices at fasting, it is advisable to start off with short periods, anywhere from 12 to 24 hours for at least one day a week. This ingenious but not exactly new weight loss plan was developed by a certified nutritionist who is also a fitness trainer and bodybuilder. He designed and promoted this program by testing it out on himself first. So then what is this based on and how does it work? Or more importantly, does it work for just anybody or only specific people?

While both questions are valid, there is a far more important question worth asking, and that are there any real fasting benefits with each stop eat? Most people would expect me to say yes at this point, the fact is this kind of weight loss program only works if you are willing to make a few permanent changes in your diet and lifestyle. If you are more comfortable with your current lifestyle (and therefore are more easily swayed from following through), then the answer is no. Continue reading

Tips on how to lose weight and feel great

ways to lose weight effectivelyWith summer literally just around the corner, everybody is hopping to get themselves into great shape, in time for the summer holidays. The ladies want to be bikini ready while the guys want to be toned and firm. And of course, there are endless options on how to get yourself in shape and looking great in time for days spent lazing around the pool or on the beach.

The most obvious and most popular option is using a weight loss program that comes with a great workout and eating plan. Most people of course do not want to be restricted from eating certain things, and forced to eat things are not really interested in. They were one flexibility to be able to indulge in their culinary guilty pleasures from time to time without feeling like they are cheating. The perfect program to suit most people’s needs in that regard is the cruise control diet.

The cruise control diet is not the only program that will guarantee awesome results without compromise on food and has a great workout program to speed up the process. Other such programs are Eat Stop Eat and Fasting for Muscle as they also are fairly flexible which allows for eating pretty much what you want and when you want, while teaching you about control and portion sizes. Both programs also come with great workout programs to speed up weight loss.

While the cruise control diet is a simple and straightforward program that really only has four rules that anybody can follow with ease, the other two programs revolve around fasting and using your workout program to advantage on your fasting and non-fasting days. They are effective without compromising on food and flavor and not one of the three use restriction or leaving out entire food groups as a way to lose weight. Continue reading

Wilderness and the Garden Route has everything you can dream of

Wilderness on Sea TerraceThe summer holidays are literally around the corner, approximately 3 weeks away. If you haven’t yet started planning your summer holidays, you are fast running out of time. Fortunately, there is still hope, especially if you’re looking for a place in Wilderness. There is a brand-new holiday accommodation spot that has just opened up called Wilderness on Sea, which offers self-catering holiday accommodation.

If you are familiar with Wilderness, then you probably know about the Cinnamon House Boutique Hotel. And if you are familiar with this particular hotel, then you also know about, and have experience, the awesome hospitality and friendly atmosphere of this hotel. You can expect the exact same kind of service at the new Wilderness on Sea. Of course, booking now would be prudent if you want to secure a spot at either one of these awesome places. Continue reading

Why tears are important for good eyesight

cryingYour eyes are full of tears at any one time as they are needed to lubricate the cornea and keep the eye healthy and protected. In order to have better vision without glasses it is important for your eyes to be able to produce tears. There are different sorts of tears that are formed according to certain emotions that we feel and experience and through oue eyes being exposed to different pollutants and outside irritants.

There are always tears present in the eyes because they are there to keep the eyes lubricated and stop the cornea from drying out; as the cornea of the eye relies on the film of tears for its supply of oxygen. The tear film also provides an even surface that ensures good vision quality which alters each time that you blink and is renewed. The tear fluid reduces the chances of bacteria entering the surface of the eye ball. Continue reading

How to lose weight with willpower and food substitution

great exercise for weight lossWith summer literally at our doorstep, women are taking steps to learn how to lose weight. This is mainly accomplished by healthy eating and getting back and a good exercise program. For those fortunate few who can afford to purchase weight loss programs but have yet to find something that they find interesting, why not look into a program called the fat loss factor and read up on the Fat Loss Factor reviews.

For those who do not have the funds to go out and buy a weight loss program to help them get into shape and healthy for summer (or just because they are tired of being tired and unhealthy), there are other options besides weight loss programs. Granted, without having a program setup thought out for you for workout and diet, it can be a little challenging to stick to the program, so to speak. So if you can summon up the will power to get some kind of exercise going or simply get to the gym, you’re already halfway there. The diet part is easier than the exercise part believe it or not.

A strange as it may sound, motivating ourselves to get into the gym or working out seems far harder than simply refraining from eating cream croissant or doughnut. This is where a gym buddy comes in super useful. If you can motivate a family member or a friend to work out with you, you’ll find it far easier because you’re motivated to “keep up” with your friend. Besides, having somebody to go to the gym with is a heck of a lot more fun than going alone. Continue reading

How to maintain a healthy and balanced diet

alkaline diet bodiesWhen it comes to weight loss, most people don’t necessarily think of “the science” behind weight loss or fat loss. It actually quite an important part of any good and effective weight loss program. A prime example of a balanced diet plan that actually works using simple science as a guide, is the alkaline diet plan.

The whole concept of the alkaline diet is the fact that it is based on the bodies pH levels. For a person to burn excess body fat effectively and also perform at optimal levels, needs to have a normal or balanced pH level of between 7.35 and 7.45. Anything outside of this, and the body can’t function and hundred percent.

The alkaline diet is an awesome, natural diet plan that even most begins or vegetarians would be happy enough to follow, provided of course they don’t necessarily have to eat meat or animal products. More often than not, these factors can be worked around. Continue reading

A few additional tricks to a rocking hot bod

well muscled manAre you one of those guys who has always been just a little bit tubby, even as a child and all the way through your school career and into adulthood? Are you one of those guys who never seems to be able to get rid of what looks like “baby fat”, no matter what you do? So you’ve tried pretty much every pill, powder, or potion, miracle shake and miracle cure, even so-called miracle lotions and creams, yet that stubborn fat still won’t budge. How about you try a couple other things instead.

So you want the kind of body that woman’s eyes are automatically drawn to when the guide takes you shirt off at the beach. The kind of body that looks strong and lean, but at the same time well-toned and well-muscled. The kind of body with nicely defined arms and wash board abs, then you definitely want the Adonis golden ratio. The Adonis program will give you exactly you want. This program is perfect because it’s designed especially for guys, an especially for guys who battle like you to lose that last little bit of fat and to really tone and sculpt your body. The program is intense and is a lot of hard work, but if you have tried everything else, and you are dedicated, then following this program for the full 12 weeks to the letter, then you will get the body of your dreams. And if you don’t get the first time round, do the program a second time, or even a third time. You can do the program as many times as you need to, but you are guaranteed results.

Something else you could try is something called Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle. It’s another program designed to give you the kind of body that you want. The program runs a lot longer (49 days) but you don’t need any supplements or anything like that for this program to work. In fact, this is the program that a lot of fitness models bodybuilders use to get into and stay in shape. It’s another option, something with looking into if you really are struggling to lose that flabby layer that has been the bane of your existence your whole life. Continue reading

How the Venus factor diet outperforms regular diets

happiness in weight lossWelcome to the weight loss industry, the market is completely saturated with weight loss programs and diet programs and workout programs that promise the moon stars, but instead deliver dust and broken dreams. Unfortunately, it’s very easy to get sucked into the fantasy that so many of these online programs promise, so the question remains, how do you tell the scam artists from the real deal? The honest truth, you can’t. The only sure fire way of ever knowing whether or not the product works, is to a) try it yourself, and b) reading hundreds of reviews and talking to someone you trust who has actually tried the product for themselves.

Going along with hundreds of reviews, the Venus factor program seems to be a resounding hit with all the women who have tried the program. While every program has its cons, and therefore there will be people who give negative reviews of the program, they really are some amazing benefits of the Venus factor program. Always bearing mind that no matter which program you are most keen on, there will be both positive and negative feedback so don’t let a few naysayers sway you if the program you have chosen seems right for you, and has “pass the test” through real woman, clinical testing and reputable backing. Continue reading

A unique experience for your holiday in South Africa

Addo Elephant ParkIf you speak to anybody who’s visited South Africa and ask them about their unique African adventures you’ll likely need to brace yourself for a lengthy recantation of amazing land and sea safari adventures, stories of close encounters with wildlife such as elephant-back riding at Addo Elephant Park, or stroking Cheetah at the Cheetah Reserve, or seeing the African Jackass Penguins up close and by the hundred at various places such as Betty’s Bay. Those who’ve enjoyed the experience and privilege to travel all around South Africa and see different parts of it, each unique in their own splendor, will tell you that it’s like visiting multiple countries all in one place!

South Africa holidays is where you create unforgettable adventures and stories for the kids at bedtime. This is truly nature’s crucible; where life began and legends are born. South Africa has so much to offer that any adventurer would dream to conquer. Continue reading

Boost Your Bust – Breast Enlargement eBook Review

boost your bust bookA number of breast enlargement formulas have been developed in the last few years. Boost Your Bust by Jenny Bolton is a popular breast enhancement eBook that is available in major online resource sites. There has been so much excitement about this book electronic book and detailed instructions on what it contains. Several experts have come up Boost Your Bust reviews that contain comprehensive information on the step by step guidelines as illustrated in this online resource book.

So, what exactly is Boost Your Bust?

Well, you can get a hundred dissimilar definitions of this book depending on the perspective of the person you ask. Essentially, Boost Your Bust is a detailed eBook that contains 57 pages that instruct women on the best way to raise their breast sizes by using techniques that are 100% natural. There are no pills or surgical operations required in using this breast enlargement formula. It is important to realize that estrogen hormones contained in a girl’s physiology are responsible for breast development. Continue reading

The best vice is advice

weightloss tips and adviceIt’s crazy to think that we live in a world be body image is such an important factor in people’s lives these days. People are doing the craziest things to stay in shape like spending hours at the gym, sometimes going to the gym two or three times a day! This is not a healthy way to go about losing weight, because the body does need time to recover. And then to top things off, we crazy things like sometimes we look awful salads as if were rabbits. We avoid things like potatoes and bread and pasta like the plague because “this crap will make you fat”. But this is utter BS! Staying in shape is got nothing to do with eating large amounts of lettuce leaves and celery sticks or killing yourself in the gym two hours at a time, a couple times a day, 6 to 7 days a week without any chance of rest.

In almost every magazine you pick up off the shelf today and even emails (that we desperately and stupidly subscribe to) offer us all manner of advice on how to lose weight fast, and most of the time all nonsense. It’s made up unsubstantiated facts designed to prey on the emotionally insecure because of their body image. It is criminal actually. If you think about how many of these pieces of advice that you’ve tried have actually worked, you’ll probably be surprised, or maybe not so surprised, to discover that 99.999% of it doesn’t work. People are unscrupulous when it comes to what they write in articles and magazines and the kinds of emails that you get flooded with, all in an effort for them to sell you their product on “how to lose belly fat fast” or “firm up your thighs and buns in five minutes a day”. Does anyone fat even sound reasonable? Sounds like a scam to me! However is not completely hopeless. There really is some great advice out there on how to lose weight and really quickly too. Maybe not as fast as five days or seven days, but fast enough that you’ll see results. Continue reading